MANA Meeting Schedule Information

MANA Meeting Schedule PDF File 



The cutoff date for Meeting Schedule Changes is Seven Days before the Area Meeting to allow lead time for printing and delivery to the Area Meeting.

Any updates or corrections for the meeting schedules should be forwarded to the Public Relations web master so that they may be updated to the web site as soon as possible and be included in each subiquent reprint of the MANA Meeting Schudules.

Meetings or Groups that are listed on the MANA Area Meeting Schedule but not part of The MANA Area are asked to come to the MANA Public Relations Committee Meeting on at least a bi-monthly basis to keep our meeting schedule current and providing accurate information. We print new and updated schedules on a quarterly basis and ask that older schedules (older than 90 days) be disposed of. No information is BETTER THAN than bad (out of date and inaccurate) information. This notification published on the MANA Area Web site is considered a documented attempt to contact the above mentioned Groups and Meetings.

If you find an inaccuracy on the displayed Meeting Schedule Please come to our MANA Area Service Committee to help us Keep our Meeting Schedule providing accurate information.